North Terminal Development


Miami International Airport




The Corgan Team


Turner-Austin Airport Team

  • YEAR :
  • LOCATION : Miami International Airport
  • CATEGORY : Aviation
  • ARCHITECT : The Corgan Team
  • CONTRACTOR : Turner-Austin Airport Team

American retained Corgan Associates, Inc. of Dallas, TX to execute the planning and programming of this facility, with BNI as lead structural engineer from master planning through advanced design development. Our services, which began in 1997, also include review of construction document packages prepared by the various A/E teams as well as review of construction. By completion, new 47 gates are created in 1.9 million SF of new construction and 1.3 million SF of renovation.

BNI is a member of the program management team for this 3.2 million SF, phased $2 billion expansion and renovation project. As one of the busiest airports in the world, Miami International Airport (MIA) is the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. American Airlines operates over half of MIA’s flights. The North Terminal Development was conceived to unify all of American’s operations into a single 1.3-mile long super concourse.

The building design combines new and existing structures into an integrated architectural expression. A four-station passenger train (Automated People Mover) rides above the 46′ high building roof and is serviced in an integral maintenance yard that extends 90′ above grade. The rhythm of the structure is expressed on both the facade and the concourse. The results of the wind tunnel testing simulated hurricane force loading are used in the design and placement of shear walls and lateral bracing that would maintain the openness of the interior.

Design and construction phasing is the greatest challenge. After the sequencing and phasing analysis, the NTD has been packaged and scheduled into 35 separate design and construction projects, some with multiple packages.