Liberty Square Phase II

Location Miami, Florida
Architect Modis Architects

Project Detail

The project is phased into 10 phases to allow folks to move into the buildings after a phase is completed in order to demo existing buildings to start the next phase. The overall project will have residential buildings that vary from 3 to 8-story, a community Center, a community park, an Educational Facility, a Grocery Store, a Health Facility, an Elderly Building, and a couple of Commercial Buildings (41 total Buildings).

Phase I is currently under construction, which consists of three-story residential buildings with design type A, B, and C. Each building type will be constructed twice for phase 1 to provide a total of 6 buildings

 We are now awarded phase II of this development, which is a repeat of the same buildings in Phase I, for buildings #7 thru 12.

 The framing consists of 6” two-way flat slab supported by interior steel columns and the exterior load bearing masonry walls.