Healing Garden at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Location Miami, Florida
Architect Perkins + Will

Project Detail

The goal of the Healing Garden project is to design and build outdoor improvements to the existing second−level hospital courtyard. The intent of the design is to create a physically safe but visually exciting and sensory interactive environment, which serves to enhance the experience of patients and families through both direct experience and indirectly  through views from courtyard−facing interior windows. The Project Area totals 3000 square feet.

The idea is the creation of a restful oasis with the hospital complex – a place for children and families to relax and recover from the stress and tension associated with a hospital visit. Comfortable, quiet seating areas invite visitors to sit and stay a while as they are surrounded by tropical vegetation evoking the feeling of a rainforest floor. Areas of secluded seating allow for escape to private solitude within a public space. Engaging and dynamic elements provide an opportunity to distract the mind. The garden becomes alive as one starts to pay attention, not static but evolving throughout the day and night.

During the morning, the senses are awakened by the sounds of rustling leaves from tall bamboo, the cool comforting feel of the smooth wood benches, lacy shadows start to playfully move across the space as the sun rises and warms up the garden.

In the afternoon, an open wood deck area becomes active for patients and guests alike as children get together for healthy play and interaction. Garden visitors can explore the various textures of materials and vegetation – from the climbing vines on the trellis wall to the soft, manicured topiaries of friendly forest animals.

In the evening, the experience changes once again as the visual wonder of the galaxy is projected onto a canopy overhead. The gentle sound of a secluded waterfall creates a soothing sensation, as a striking illuminated waterfall is digitally projected onto a 50’ façade. Hidden sounds of the forest transport you to a different world where visitors can restore their senses and recover mentally and emotionally.

Wood Deck: MoistureShield Infuse 1×6 composite decking. Rosewood color with CoolDeck. Stainless steel fasteners over pressure−treated wood frame.

W−1 Planted Screenwall: Prodema Prodex deep brown panels, concealed mounting. Full panel width (Approx 3’) and ½ panel width vertical bands mounted with 3” overlap and 1” to 3” horizontal offset to create varied vertical shadow lines. Aluminum frame backup structure.

Laser−cut coated aluminum leaf sculpture per attached renderings.

Six overlapping Tensile shade structure canopies. Approximately 1500sf. Custom cutouts.