Dolphin Mall

Location Miami, Florida

Project Detail

At 1.6 million sf regional mall and entertainment complex in Miami-Dade County, Dolphin Mall can best be described as a “Mega Mall”. The retail, dining, and entertainment venues of the mall were designed to create a destination development, attracting an anticipated 18 to 22 million residents and tourists per year.

Dolphin Mall demanded creative engineering solutions to address complexities resulting from sheer size, unique architectural features, fast-track construction, special wind region requirements, geotechnical and ground water concerns, and provisions for flexibility needed on major retail facilities.

Each entrance and major thoroughfare has unique features that uses exposed structural components to provide form, function and style. The most striking element is the centerpiece of the mall, a 92 foot-wide by 420 foot-long vaulted main entrance at the center of the 2,100 foot long building. This 80 foot high space is supported with lacy steel framework on top of concrete columns and yields a roof that seems to float above the building.

Steel Joist Institute
– Non-Industrial First Place, 2003