Boca Raton Resort & Club

Location Boca Raton, Florida

Project Detail

Palm Court
The Palm Court is the centerpiece of a multi-phase renovation plan for the resort. The 4,200 sf area of the hotel had once been a refined open air courtyard overlooking Lake Boca Raton (the intracoastal waterway). Sometime in the 1960’s the space was roofed over and relegated to function more as a hallway. The renovation project literally tore the lid off the hotel, a place to congregate, relax and have high tea.

The structure was built in 1925, expanded in 1928, and modified repeatedly over the past 80 years most often without permits or drawings. The complexity of working with the existing structure quickly became apparent. Documents were continually refined as the layers of renovations were pealed back and the existing conditions were revealed. To deal with the changes in a most effective way, the local team conducted joint workshops to discuss each others work efforts and to explore ways the team could continue to improved communications and collaboration between the disciplines.

Boca Beach Club Hotel Renovation
The project consists of the complete renovation of the existing 330,000 sf, seven-story hotel and the addition of 90,000 sf of guest-room space.